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VRSquare’s 3D Optimization Software|Cubity

What is Cubity?

3D technicians and AR/VR developers across the globe face challenges in their daily 3D preparation workflows. Overcoming these challenges and automating repetitive tasks was what motivated us to develop a software called Cubity.

Cubity is a 3D asset management and optimization software that can be easily integrated into the 3D production pipeline. With Cubity, not only can you make edits and optimize your 3D content, but you can also manage your entire 3D scene and its assets, hierarchies and metadata.


Cubity UI
Cubity Software Interface

How Cubity optimizes and manages 3D assets

Manually cleaning up complex 3D data is both inefficient and because of its tedious nature, prone to human error. VRSquare’s 3D optimization software, Cubity, streamlines this process by automating tedious tasks. After importing your big 3D file from up to 40 file formats (including FBX and 3ds Max), Cubity scans your file to reveal bottlenecks, such as broken hierarchies, and areas with high duplicate content.

The user can easily instance or delete duplicate assets that aren’t needed for visualization, significantly reducing file size. With Cubity, 3D content preparation is automated and valuable time is saved, leaving 3D technicians and developers more time to focus on delivering quality content.

Cubity makes 3D optimization effortless