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VR and AR enterprise solutions & 3D data consulting with VRSQUARE


VRSQUARE is a VR and AR enterprise solutions & 3D data consulting that helps companies drive business value using emerging technologies such as VR/AR, artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3D printing, and robotics.


We’re flexible to work with you on your toughest and most ambitious projects, and we can move fast! We are driven to see our clients succeed, because that’s when we’ve succeeded.

Customers first

We take pride in making sure our clients are happy. We enjoy getting to know each of our customers and their projects, and you can expect a personal touch during each interaction.

Cutting Edge

We have a can’t stop, won’t stop attitude, and we’re always curious and learning. We’ll deliver the latest technology with the most innovative solutions, so our clients can stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.


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Immersive Visualization and VR Development

We employ emerging technologies to help our clients create high-end immersive visualizations and custom VR/AR applications to bring designs and products to life, and to impress users and stakeholders.

3D Asset Preparation

Using our in-house 3D optimization tool, we make sure our clients get the most of their big 3D data. With 3D content getting bigger and more complex, we’ll ensure your 3D data is ready for real-time visualization while ensuring accuracy and integrity.

Optimized 3D printing – As the 3D printing industry grows and improves, the possibilities are bigger- now you can even print a house! We’ll make sure your big 3D data is optimized and ready for 3D printing, preserving key information and instancing unnecessary data.

Geolocation AR Development

We use popular geolocation platforms like Google Maps and Mapbox combined with powerful tools like Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore to create geolocation AR based experiences. Using AR geotagging users can post, tag and create content in AR overlaid in their physical surroundings. These digital contents can then be shared, viewed and experienced by others.


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How we deliver projects

We utilize emerging technologies and our expertise to help our clients overcome their boundaries. Here’s how we do it.

Step 1: Design

We work in close collaboration with our clients to understand their key business challenges. We come up with cutting edge solutions that have real-time tech at their core, so we can deliver a project that will impress you and your stakeholders.

Step 2: Develop

Our software developers, 3D artists and engineers have the knowledge and experience in developing products, services and solutions for various industries.

Step 3: Deliver

With the latest technology available and our skill, we’ll deliver high-end immersive visualizations that bring your designs, products and visions to life. You can count on us to deliver your projects on time, and on budget!


Lets talk about your next big project and how we can help.

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