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VRSQUARE’s Software Meshmatic

3D Optimization Software

Meshmatic is a 3D optimization software created by VRSQUARE, that accelerates the preparation of large & complex 3D data for real-time visualization.


What is Meshmatic?

Meshmatic is a 3D optimization software created by VRSQUARE

After working with large and complex engineering and architectural 3D design files for more than 5 years, the team at VRSQUARE started developing pipelines to speed up their 3D optimization workflow.  We kept facing similar challenges on projects we worked on with our clients; and that was spending a significant amount of time manually preparing and optimizing large 3D files for real-time performance. Very soon we found out that we aren’t the only ones and that many 3D teams face similar challenges. This is how Meshmatic was born. What started out as an in-house tool is now a complete software solution that helps companies save weeks or months in their 3D content preparation workflow and create immersive visualizations and AR/VR projects much faster.

3D cad and fbx optimization with Meshmatic 

Import File Formats

SKP, OBJ, FBX and more

Export file formats

Datasmith, FBX, 3DS, OBJ

VRSQUARE’S 3D optimizer for CAD and FBX is equipped with various proprietary algorithms that automate tedious optimization tasks. Using Meshmatic, users can:

  • Reduce file complexity by instancing duplicate assets
  • Organize a messy outliner by deleting empty nodes without data loss
  • Get insights into their file with a statistical analysis
  • Improve mesh quality after CAD conversion

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