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We Create Engaging Visualizations

Our Story

VRSQUARE was founded in 2016 as a VR and AR enterprise solutions company that provides 3D visualization and AR/VR development services for the AEC, automotive, industrial manufacturing, and aerospace industries. Today, more and more companies see AR/VR technology as a competitive advantage to bring innovation and efficiency to their workflows. For VRSQUARE this means our projects are growing in size and complexity. As a 3D studio, not only do we deliver project to our clients, but we like to develop tools to make working with large 3D project more efficient and cost effective. By streamlining the adoption of AR/VR technologies, we take pride in pushing the industry forward.


Our Mission

Today, VRSQUARE is comprised of a dynamic team of engineers, software developers, and 3D artists with a vision to become a global leader in developing tools that enable the next wave of 3D content.


Our values


Because innovation is at the core of what we do, we always strive to stay ahead and incorporate the latest and hardware into all our projects. We are leaders in the immersive tech industry.


We love what we do and have fun while we do it! We’re committed to bringing that same level of passion, commitment and dedication to all the work we do.


Our clients are our partners, and we believe that their success is our own success. We go above and beyond and meet their needs. And that’s why we have happy clients who refer us all the time!

Customer focused

We’re a flexible, honest and approachable team. We’ll keep you in the loop with transparent communication on all your projects, making sure we deliver on time and on budget.

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